Trying to Conceive

So, I’ve been trying to conceive a baby for a year.

Benton and I have decided to keep it a secret, so if someone is reading this we either decided to take it public or have had success. I felt compelled to write about it, since I know a lot of women go through it.

We actually started getting the baby bug when Devon and Haleigh told us they were pregnant (with Oakland). On the way home from our lunch date I felt unsettled… like something in me wasn’t right. I realized that I was ready to be a Mom! Benton agreed that he was ready as well, so I completed my birth control pill pack and we hopped on the baby making wagon.

My Mom got pregnant right away- all she had to do was look at my Dad and she conceived! I figured that conceiving a baby would be no problem. In fact, the first few months of trying I had weird intermittent spotting and figured that I must be pregnant! Test after test revealed a negative result. I googled everything – “no period but negative result, can I still be pregnant” of course I held onto the once in a million stories that yes, indeed, I was. This went on for 6 months. I would kind of get a period, but kind of not.

During that time I felt sick- my body was aching, I was itchy all over, my knees were inflamed and I had extreme anxiety. I literally felt like I was going crazy. I complained to my husband, but just figured I was overly sensitive to our detergent or something.

Then one day my head started itching. Bad. When I would itch it, my hair would fall out. I thought to myself, ‘Great. I’m 26 and have a head lice infestation’. What next, right? My mom, bless her heart, checked my head and concluded that she could see some nits- but no lice crawling around… ew.

I refrained from buying lice shampoo because I just didn’t feel like lice were the reason for my receding hair line- yes, it was receding and thinning! The hair strand had a little ball of white on the end of it (hence the ‘nits’) and there were what felt like grains of sand on my scalp. I googled. Nothing told me what it was.

One day Benton was going into the walk in clinic to see the doctor and I thought, ah, what the heck. I’ll wait for 4 hours to see a doctor, no problem *sarcastic eye roll*.

I waited for four hours and saw a really nice lady doctor who sent me for blood tests. I got a call the next day saying, “The doctor needs to see you right away”. Long story short, she told me that I have severe hypothyroidism and that I needed to get on medication right away. I also found out that I wasn’t ovulating- kind of hard to get pregnant if there’s no egg to catch, amiright?!

That was December and it’s now June. We have officially been trying to conceive for a year and one month.

This last cycle I started tracking my BBT and have been taking ovulation predictor tests. My newest hurdle to overcome is that I am getting a positive ovulation test on calendar day (CD) 21 of a 30 day cycle, with a temp dip on CD21 and a rise on CD22. This means that my little fertilized egg has 8-9 days to implant itself to tell my body I’m pregnant before shedding the lining.

It’s not enough time. I did some research and saw that low progesterone could be the culprit. My doctor doesn’t think I have luteal phase defect, but I trust myself to know my body more than my doctor does, and I am convinced this is the issue. I am hoping to appeal to my Doctor to run some more tests.

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  1. I so admire your courage and vulnerability!!! It took us a year to conceive too and that was a roller coaster of emotions. We are praying for you and Benton and we are here for you!!!

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