Princess Week

I try to do themes with Lovie and this week is Princess week! Everyday we are working on something to use for a princess tea party at the end of the week and ending with a donation. Here’s our daily task list:


Create a crown: I am using the tutorial from this site with some minor adjustments.


Bake some healthy muffins for the party and donation on Friday.


Thrift day! Taking the girls to our local thrift store to buy some cheap tea cups (also checking out the kids book section).


Create a princess bracelet using this kit.

Pick flowers from outside for our party.


Party day!! I bought a little tulle skirt from amazon for Lovie to get dressed up. She is wearing her crown and we are drinking tea out of our cups, eating muffins and sandwiches and listening to classical music.

We are drawing a princess at the party as well.

As a teaching experience, I am telling Lovie that we take care of others just like princesses take care of their people… and tie in the gospel.

We live up the road from a women’s recovery house, so we are dropping off muffins and diapers to them afterwards.

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