Daily Schedule for Moms

When Benton first left me alone with the girls I was feeling one word: SCARED. How on earth was I supposed to nurse a newborn and tend to her every need while also being attentive and caring towards my 20 month old? The first day he left for work at 5am and I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. Instead I was short tempered and nobody was happy. After that day I decided to change my outlook and create a toddler and newborn schedule so that everyone knows what to expect.

It was great for me to have a mom daily schedule as well. Of course I give it some flexibility, but overall it helps me to take care of myself! In addition, I created a weekly cleaning schedule, which I will share with you at a later date. It has helped to keep everything in manageable tasks, otherwise I feel overwhelmed and end up not doing anything.

Sample Schedule for a Toddler and a Newborn:

5am: Husband feeds Lovise (toddler) milk and brings her into our bedroom. I feed Odelle (newborn) and Lovise reads books and plays with her babies.

6:00: Get everyone dressed and do my makeup. Odelle is content to sit in her swing and Lovise is happy to ‘smell’ each of my makeup products, but ‘no touchie’! I pretend to put makeup on her with my brushes. I find myself to be a better mom if I take care of myself in this way.

7:00 Put toddler in high chair with mini chalkboard and chalk. Rock baby to sleep and make and eat oatmeal for breakfast.

7:30 Daily calendar & preschool. I bought this calendar off of amazon and it’s the best. It has everything I could ask for on it and my daughter loves it! I bought the busy toddlers preschool program, which includes:

  • A poem, a song, books, learning about a topic (ie. Apples) and doing an activity (like apple stamping with paint).
    • Since she is still little, I adjust some of the activities to be age appropriate and also allow for her to play with other toys. I am flexible with the preschool aspect of it.

8:00 Feed Odelle. Every evening I get a new reusable sticker scene from this booklet and lay it out for my toddler to do while I nurse the baby.

9:00 Activity-ie. Kinetic sand sensory play, where I put the sand in a bowl and hide her critters. Find more activities for toddlers here.

9:15 Dance party

9:30 Snack and Lovise independent play (read books etc)

9:45 Put Odelle in mamaroo and take Lovise upstairs for nap

10-12 Lovise nap

  • Get Lovise lunch ready for when she wakes up
  • If it’s not raining: Get shoes ready and nursing cover for outside
  • If it is raining: Get indoor activity ready for her (craft or sensory play).
  • Feed Odelle
  • Tidy
  • Work if there’s time (I do business consulting)
  • Mama nap:)

12:00 Get Lovie, read books or draw to allow her to wake up and then feed lunch


  • If it’s nice out: Get girls ready for outside and do critter hunt. Gather flowers, scoop mud, play pass, explore etc.
  • If it’s raining: Do planned activity. See below.

* I keep a bunch of activities on this Pinterest board *

2:00 Feed Odelle, Lovise plays train with stuffed animals

3:00 Husband home! He plays with Lovise and I do housework

4:00 Lovise dinner, bath

4:30 Feed Odelle

5:00 Bedtime routine Lovise

In the evening we’ll chat, clean up our disaster of a house, my husband will workout and I’ll shower. I look at activities to do the next day and get them prepared. Then we watch Netflix because it’s Odelle’s witching hour. We go to bed at 8:30!

Hope this helps!

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