Thoughts on 34 Weeks

I want my body back.

Don’t get me wrong, I am SO happy to be pregnant. I love the little kicks and squirms and the feeling of having this little baby. However, I can see why women say they are ‘ready to have it out’. I’m getting there.

I’m not sure if it’s the 37 degree heat, or the fact that I have gained 35 pounds and ache all over. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve worn the same 5 dresses for the past 15 weeks and miss the days when my feet didn’t look like a size 12 trying to squeeze into a size 2 shoe. Perhaps it’s the severe heart burn at night, or the fact that complete strangers are asking if I’m having triplets (for reals). Potentially it could be the fact that I am sitting all day without working out and can no longer bend over without grunting like a pig. I can’t see my toes or other important body parts and my belly button itches like a mofo. I frequently have men commenting on how large I look and laughing about my food intake. It’s really a bizarre life stage.

What I love about being pregnant is the fact that I AM pregnant. That we were able to conceive and that I can support this little life. I love preparing the nursery and washing all of the itty bitty clothes with sensitive detergent. I love walking into the house and seeing Benton reading “Baby Wise” on the couch. I love moving all of the furniture and clothes around so that there’s space for the newest member of our family. I love reading what the baby is doing week by week and knowing that while I sit on my butt, it is forming more and more into a human being. I look forward to reading him or her books and Facetune_08-07-2018-10-58-55cuddling in the rocking chair. I can’t wait to hold the baby in my arms for the first time and know that it’s mine and Benton’s and that our family has changed for the better forever. I can’t wait to be a good Mom and just do this thing. I am even (weirdly) looking forward to labour so that I can get it over with:)




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