5 things I said I’d never do as a Mom (That I now do)

Ah yes, as a pregnant woman without other kids I thought I was so wise. I had all of these expectations and firm thoughts about what it would be like to be a Mom. Now as I write this, I have learned that motherhood for me exists to crush every expectation lol. As the title describes, here are 5 things I was hell bent on that went out the window in real life.

  1. I would NEVER sit in the back seat of the car with the baby. Hearing the piercing scream of my helpless baby with the understanding that she can’t self soothe and couple that with ripe mom guilt and lack of sleep = backseat mama.
  2. Have her sleep in my bed. “Babies are meant to be in cribs!” I said, until I realized that I pushed a human out of my lady bits and didn’t want to move an inch from my bed. Sleep is currency, so she slept in my bed for a solid 2 months and just finally moved into her crib. Honestly though, she still sleeps with us sometimes.
  3. I’ll sleep when she does! Cute in theory, but a baby that only sleeps in my arms means sleeping sitting up, which isn’t always doable. Unless I’m really tired, in which case it’s totally doable.
  4. Give formula. A jaundiced baby, lip tie, retained placenta, low milk supply, supplements and prescriptions that didn’t help supply, mastitis x2, supplemental nursing system and failure to thrive = formula.
  5. Let my baby distract me in a conversation. I hated this about my mom friends! When they were chatting with me they got distracted and didn’t listen to what I was saying. At the time I didn’t understand the whole keeping a little human alive thing. I hate it about myself now, but do it. Sigh.

Expectations = crushed, but Mom life is still awesome. I know that even though I am not killing my goals and my expectations have been thrown out the window I am still a good Mom! I know this is just the beginning of my perfectly laid out plans being totally changed:)

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