Post-Partum Body

When I got pregnant I had constant reassurance, ‘If you breastfeed the pounds will fly off of you!’


I imagined by 1 month post partum I would be back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Curse those lactation cookies! Lol.

I saw the before and after photos of women 9 months pregnant and 3 weeks post-partum on social media, looking like Victoria’s Secret models. They had their flat bellies and no bags under their eyes. Just their luscious locks and perfectly glowing skin- sans stretch marks, 6 pack abs with the caption, ‘LADIES! Love your post-partum bodies! They’re beautiful!!’

Meanwhile, I looked at myself in the mirror at 5 months post-partum and I was 154lbs and my pre-pregnancy weight was 137. I felt like I was in someone else’s body with the stretch marks, wider hips, neck rolls, linea nigra and extra weight on me. I wasn’t used to this new me and I felt… squishy.

At one point I chatted with a repair man for an hour and then looked in the mirror to see a massive milk stain on my shirt. Lol. That has been my postpartum life, not some dream world where I’m waltzing around our house with coiffed hair and beautiful makeup in my undies showing off my postpartum body.

I just wanted to hop on here to say it’s ok and normal to struggle with accepting a postpartum body. It’s normal to have a pooch, stretch marks and hair loss. It’s normal to look in the mirror and think, ‘who is that?!’ It’s normal to feel weird about your body and to not want to look at it in the mirror for too long. It’s normal to take time to accept and love the changes that have happened to bring the miracle into this world.

There’s enough mom guilt out there, we don’t need more of it when it comes to the process of accepting our new bodies. Some people may be comfortable from day 1, others it could take years and it’s normal. Truth is, post-partum bodies ARE beautiful, in all shapes and sizes but it’s ok to take time to get used to yours. I’m still getting used to mine:)

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