Yesterday was Good Friday. If you know me you know that I believe Jesus willingly suffered and died on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice for my sins. Which makes Good Friday, the day that Christians recognize as the day of Jesus’s death, probably the most crucial for me. Yet all I was thinking about was how it was my due date and I wasn’t even having a mild cramp. I truly believe God to be all powerful and that He could have easily blessed me with the exciting birth of our new baby but instead chose not to. So instead of celebrating the abundant grace, mercy, love and eternal life God has given me – I was sulking like a little baby myself. How seriously embarrassing. How can I raise my girls to be servant hearted and selfless when on the day someone died for me I couldn’t think about anyone but myself. I have seen so clearly in the recent years of my life how God’s timing and plan is so far and above what we could ever come up with on our own. I remember hitting my due date with my first Pregnancy and being so bummed that I still didn’t have a baby. But looking back at those 4 extra days before I had Oakland they were the days Devon and I spent doing all of our favourite things. Having as many dates, getting as much sleep and enjoying the last of our childfree life! Those days are so memorable to me. God has been so faithful to Devon and I in not only his plans for our life but also in providing for us so abundantly. It makes me want to cry. I know if it were not for His exact timing and His will to open and close doors for us that we would not be where we are today. So I’m sitting here fat as a cat eating all of Oaks Easter chocolate. Still without any  significant cramps and still wondering when I will get to meet my baby. But God has never failed me, He has never not known better than me and He has this baby’s life completely in his hands. There is no safer place for her to be.

So here are some pics of Oaks doing her first easter egg hunt. Because remembering the death of Jesus by hiding eggs & chocolate is really the most logical thing to do.

Babies First Easter

Good Friday

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Weekend

Honest Motherhood



Easter Weekend

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  1. Such a sweetie, little Oaks. <3 I hope however many days you have left before you meet the newest little Penner, you will be overcome with peace and patience. It's not easy.

    The second last pic here? Totally you, Haleigh. Lots of love from me and mine.

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