Oakland’s First Birthday

My sweet little Oaks turns 1 today! Her birthday kinda cramps on Christmas so we had her party this past weekend. I find since becoming a mom I’m constantly doing this little dance with time. At times I’ve wanted her to jump ahead to the next stage where she didn’t have to be rocked for 3 hours every night, could grab and play with toys on her own, or learn to talk so as not to grunt at everything. But then those stages come and go and it’s sad. Sad that she will never be that little again, and that as each stage passes she needs me just a tad less. I remember when Oakland was a newborn Devon and I would take turns rocking her for hours on end, and if we stopped the rocking she would suddenly burst open her eyes (pretty scary stuff actually). We dreaded the night. As it got dark outside I would be filled with anxiety and fear at the hours that lay ahead. Nothing made us happier than when she started to put herself to sleep. But recently Oakland has been wanting to be rocked before bed and now Devon and I fight over whose turn it is to do so. We are constantly having to tell the other to put her down once and for all and come eat dinner. Now I dread the day she doesn’t want to be rocked anymore and I slightly dread the day she turns 2, turns 3 and so on. But I would rather enjoy these milestones than dread them. So I threw Oaks a pretty pastel circus themed birthday (for her love of animals and sugar). It was honestly such a special and fun day for me! Here are just a few of the pics that my super talented sister in law took 🙂

Appy Table and Charcuterie


Baby Girls First Birthday

Oaklands First Birthday

Baby Girls First Birthday

First Birthday

Birthday Girl

First Birthday

Mommy and Baby Girl

Mommy and baby

Haleigh and Heather

First Birthday Cake

Baby Girl Smash Cake

Urban Walls Decal

Dessert Bar

Circus Themed Birthday

Dessert Table

Circus Cupcakes

Hand Pies

Candy Apples


First Birthday Cake

Circus Sugar Cookies

Circus Sugar Cookies

Anewall Decor


I wish I could take all the credit for how beautiful Oakland’s party turned out but half of the beauty is my in-laws stunning home (you can take a peek through it here) and my crazy party planning mother who helped with the decor and desserts! Most of the decorating turned out to be fairly easy. We had a custom made decal done by Danielle Hardy at Urbanwalls along with some paper fans from The parties that pop to enhance the mirror in the dinning room. We bought the table cloth from CV Linen (serious bang for your buck) and made the banner ourselves out of scrapbooking paper. We added some confetti filled balloons, popcorn bags, assorted pastel candy and the sweetest (no pun intended) sugar cookies from Say it with sugar. We finished the room with some flowers from Flowers and Company and custom prints done by Anewall! All in all it was such a beautiful and fun afternoon celebrating our little honey! We even had our gender reveal announced at the party and found out we are going to be adding another little girl into the family this April! Yay for girlsss!!

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