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I have had a ton of love from people who have read the blog and have messaged me to show support, so thank you!

I figured I’d give an update on where I am at. I went for an HSG test about a month ago, which is a test where they insert dye into your ovaries to see if they are blocked. My memory has eliminated most of that procedure and now the horrifying parts are just funny to me. Nothing like some duck lips snapping shut like a lobster claw on your most sensitive region and the doctor saying, “I don’t know what’s going on! This is normally so easy for me!” Ouchie.

Anyway, I survived and turns out my tubes are totally open and I am functioning normally.

I received a bonus cheque from work and decided that I would use some of the money to book a Naturopath appointment (guilt free- I seriously feel like I have spent a fortune on various medicines and acupuncture treatments!! So does Benton;)). My Mom told me about a Naturopath in Toronto who is a fertility specialist, so I booked a Skype consultation with her for 3:15pm on Friday the 13th.

I was sitting at work yesterday (Friday the 13th) and I saw a phone call from Ontario come through at 12:15. I was so confused. Then I quickly researched what time it was in Ontario- 3:15!! I was so flustered. I ended up Facetiming with the Naturopath from my car at work! Not how I had planned it, but I was thankful that we made it work anyway.

As soon as we started chatting I immediately ‘clicked’ with her. She was personable and asked me a TON of questions. I ended up sharing every intimate detail of my life (even the things that she probably didn’t need to know) and she made me feel totally comfortable. She took a huge interest in my basal body temperature charting (temperature that is taken in the morning to track hormones in a cycle), which was so exciting to me because the fertility specialist and other doctor had no interest in it whatsoever. She knew the terminology and could converse with me in depth about by blood results and BBT.

The biggest thing I learned from our conversation was the Ovary, Adrenal & Thyroid (OAT) Axis. All of these organs are co-dependent on one another to function optimally and they depend on each other for balanced hormones (more info here). My Naturopath said that my Hypothyroidism is causing my adrenals to suffer, which in turn is messing up my hormones. She said that it’s my adrenals and unmanaged autoimmune (Hashimoto) disease that is causing an imbalance in hormones overall. She also said that prescribing Progesterone won’t fix the root of the problem and ultimately my body won’t be healthy enough to house a baby.

She told me to leave her with my blood test results, BBT and symptom information and to send her pictures of my supplements and then she will get back to me on Tuesday with a full plan after she has ‘investigated’ my case over the weekend.

What a relief. After over a year and a half of being rushed through doctor’s offices, hospitals and a fertility clinic, this Doctor listened to me and is investigating my individual case to get to the root of the problem, using all of the information available. She isn’t prescribing things to cover symptoms and it was very evident that she cares.

I feel so positive about my decision to see her and can’t wait to get the new supplement plan to heal my body!

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