Lingerie Shower

Shortly before Devon and I got married my mom threw me (or should I say Devon) a lingerie shower. All my girlfriends came over. We drank pink champagne, ate appies and gorged ourselves at the dessert bar. We played pin the junk on the hunk ( more like pin the speedo on a giant picture of Devon on the beach ) and I was showered with the prettiest lingerie! Lingerie Shower

Lingerie Shower cake  Shower food

My Mom had the most perfect spread for the dessert table. Two beautiful three tiered cakes, the sweetest little boudoir sugar cookies, heart shaped dulce de leche cookies, little caramel popcorn boxes and individual pink champagne bottles! It was such a fun night and even Devon got to reap the benefits of it 😉

Gold shower  Lingerie shower

Lingerie Shower



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