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How did you met your husband? Friends set us up on a blind date- well, let’s be honest. It wasn’t fully a ‘blind’ date because I creeped him a ton before I actually went. Benton was sold, but I wasn’t. It felt really awkward for the first few dates! The pressure of an intentional date without observing and interacting in normal settings was just too much for me! I held onto the fact that normal, beautiful girls had dated him before and that he was the guy that people wanted to date. It took us a while to get the bugs out (and for me to get comfortable), but we ended up falling in love:)

Favourite clothing item? Leggings. I’m going to be that Mom that is stuck in the early 2000’s, hanging on to my leggings when everyone else is wearing normal pants. I also love long, loose fitting shirts.

Guilty pleasure? Ambrosia salad and trashy reality TV like, ‘The Real Housewives’. I also love creeping people and figuring out their life story. I had to get rid of Facebook because I spent way too much time lurking around there. I recently activated my Instagram account and have been trying to have more self-control.

Favourite makeup products: Jane Iredale.

Favorite thing to eat: Lobster & garlic butter.

Biggest pet peeve: The sound of pouring tea. People who squash other’s talents because of their own insecurities.

Is there anything that you constantly lose? MY PHONE! It’s horrible. Without ‘Find My iPhone’ I’d be lost.

First thing you do when you wake up? Take my BBT (basal body temperature) and record it in my Fertility Friend app.  Pretty cool, right?!

How many kids do you want? Two or three. At this point I’d take anything!

Where would you like to go in the world? I would love to go to Asia! Not sure where in Asia yet. I would also like to visit New York.

What cheers you up? Benton, Kombucha, a clean house, the freedom to do my own thing, friends, not cooking dinner, falling compilations on Youtube and sunshine.

Favourite season? Fall- I love the colours!

If you could hire someone for something what would it be?? Personal chef. Unfortunately, I cook to survive. If it was healthy (and socially acceptable) I’d eat PB & J everyday.

Favourite band of the 90’s? Blink 182. They saw me through my rebellious teen years! I’ve been known to turn it on as an adult sometimes…

Favourite Ice cream? When I was a kid we’d go to an ice-cream shop in Kelowna called, ‘PJ’s’ and they had ‘Nerds’ ice-cream that changed my world. Sadly, they discontinued it, but it will always be my favourite.

What are your biggest goals? To build successful businesses, sell them and build some more. To be a judge on Shark Tank one day. Somehow make a difference in the world, either by helping to end child prostitution or hunger (still working on it). To be a person who can have a healthy balance in life and be a solid wife and mom.

Favorite clothing store: Unika – They have both new and used clothing. I bring in my old clothes and they give me a store credit when they’re sold and then I buy brand new stuff!

Favourite piece of jewelry (other than wedding ring)? Benton bought me earrings from Ippolita for our anniversary and I love them.

Favourite Natural Products: Andalou Naturals (lotion & soap), South of France (soap) & Sapadilla (cleaning products). I also love soap & lotion from Chuckling Duckling!

Favourite books?: Any business books! I nerd out on them. I think the best I’ve read so far include: “The Marketing Gurus” “4-Hour Workweek” & “Great Game of Business“.

What type of student were you? I was on the Dean’s List in University and an average student in high school, despite my efforts. I really wanted to be a cool kid that was good at Math, Science & PE. Instead, I did horribly in Math & Science and I was that kid in PE that faked injuries every year at the track meet. I am praying that Benton’s genes trump mine in athletics.

Favourite scent? I am a scents person! I love (natural) candles that smell like trees – spruce/fir. Before I went all natural I was a perfume hoarder. No lie. I have about 10 that I switch between- some of which include: Pomegranate Noir, Miss Dior, Alien, Cassis Rose, Light Blue, Fan Di Fendi, Cool Water & Hot Couture. I use “Ganesha’s Garden- Patchouli” as a natural scent daily, which I like, but it’s not very strong. Lavender, Rose & Patchouli are my favourite natural scents.

What do you do in the car alone? Try (and fail) to hit those notes that only the Lord and me know about. Dance. Rage at other drivers sometimes- not proud of it. Make fun of radio hosts when they get sappy, think Bridesmaids when Annie pretends to be Helen.

What is your first pet’s name and would you ever have another one? Casey. She was a golden-retriever that I got when I was 5 and she lived for 13 years. The sadness when she died was too much to bear. I don’t know if I can handle that again!!


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