Christmas Wish List (For Her)

Usually my year consists of finding things, thinking they’re cute and then forgetting about them. Once Christmas rolls around I’m scrambling to find the things I had noticed all year. This year I kept a little ‘notes’ section on my iPhone of what I want for Christmas and I am 100% on top of it.

Here are some of my Christmas picks this year!

Brooklyn Candle Studio Candles

This company is based out of NYC, so my wishlist from them is substantial. I figure if there’s going to be a purchase it should be large and make the shipping worth it!

The Rose Botanica is my absolute favourite scent of any candle I’ve ever smelled. I haven’t tried the Lavender, Savasana or Christmas Tree, but I think they’ll be just as good.


Smash & Tess Romper

Romper alert! I’m pretty sure these are supposed to be pjs, but I’m going to sport them as loungewear around the house.







Pepper Place Design Romper

Romper Alert #2!! This one is going to make its debut in public, unlike the last one.






FH Canada Hive of Bees

I’ve always wanted to have my own honey bees. As the populations are dying it seems like such a cool way to help save them and continue to pollenate agriculture. Plus, I love honey. However, living in a suite really doesn’t allow for me to station a beehive on the property. One day, I swear I’ll have bees! Until then, I am giving my love of bees to people who need it more than me. Bubs & Windy is involved with Food for the Hungry and has partnered with the community of Tropeang Prasat in Cambodia. They need bees to help with their agriculture, so this year I’m giving the gift of bees to Cambodia:)

Sam Edelman Rain Boots

I’ve lived in one of the rainiest places in the world for the past 7 years and have been walking around with soggy, cold feet during those rainy days… it seems really silly now. Anyway, I’m FINALLY getting some rain boots this year!



Tata Harper Skin Care

I had never heard of this company until Haleigh told me about it. Since dealing with infertility and my thyroid issues I have been staying away from harmful ingredients in my skincare. I’ve been dealing with some serious awkward-years skin and so I was so excited to hear that this company is NATURAL and WORKS! PTL. I’m not sure which exact skin care set I will be receiving, but that’s part of the fun!




Columbia Rain Jacket

In a similar story to the boots, I also don’t have a waterproof jacket. Benton was going to buy me one for my birthday last year and then for our anniversary last year and… well… I couldn’t make up my mind. I finally committed to one that I haven’t tried on (I hope I don’t regret this!!)





Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap

16989086My mother-in-law has the Peony hand soap and I fell in love with it… but good luck finding it!! It’s wonderful and it’s no where to be found. This is a gift tasked to the most resilient of gift buyers;)



Rifle Paper Co Notebook

I have a notebook for everything. Business ideas, Business ‘to-do’, grocery shopping, life goals.. etc. There’s nothing better than a cute notebook to write it in! Rifle Paper Co.’s flowery designs and thoughtful details always win me over.






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