Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

This year it’s Benton’s second Father’s Day and he’s a Dad of 2. He is really hard to buy for (as most men are!) so I’ve put together some of his favourite items so that you can get some ideas for your Father’s Day celebration.

1. Lululemon Baseball Hat: I bought him this for Christmas a few years ago and he still has it and wears it often. It’s very practical and not at all stretchy and shiny like their pants 😉

2. Saxx Boxers: These are expensive but worth it. They are made well and offer good support (according to my husband).

3. Lindt Chocolate Bar: I get this for him every Christmas in his stocking stuffer and he loves it. If your man has a sweet tooth, this is a nice little gift for his tastebuds.

4. Saxx Sleepshirt: Benton wears this to bed. It’s so soft and has a good breathable fabric.

5. Brickell Face Scrub: this stuff smells so good! My husband loves it and I sneak some in the shower sometimes.

6. Monkey Shoulder: the next few items are for men who enjoy a glass of hard liquor every now and then. This is whiskey my husband enjoys and it is reasonably priced.

7. Whiskey Glasses: These are more of a traditional style glass and can be put in the dishwasher.

8. Jigger: to measure the whiskey.

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