Best Store Bought Shampoo & Conditioner for Frizzy Hair

Growing up I had hair like Hagrid from Harry Potter, it was thick and huge. Nowadays my hair is extremely frizzy! When I put it in a ponytail it looks like I touched an electrical outlet- not cute.

As a result of my hair woes I have always spent a good amount of money on shampoo and conditioner from salons. One brand I’ve always fallen back on is Matrix.

After having my second daughter and looking at my flyaways in the mirror every time I nurse, I decided to go on a hunt for a new shampoo and conditioner line up.

I did my research. The #1 recommended shampoo and conditioner was Davines Love collection, so I found the local salon that carried it and saw that it would be… $100 for two 250ml bottles?! I wanted silky hair but couldn’t quite stomach that price.

A little defeated but not completely hopeless. I kept searching. Finally I came across this blog, which recommended the Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo and Conditioner.

I was skeptical. Anytime I’ve used the regular drug store brands I’ve been really disappointed! It starts out great and then my hair dries and BAM, bad frizz. But I figured it was worth a try.

I used it the day I got it and slept on my wet hair. I usually do this because I find it somewhat tames the frizz, and my daughter is deathly afraid of the blow dryer.

Initial thoughts:

Details: Virgin-Pressed Olive Oil & Olive Leaf Extracts Enriched with a Natural Blend Paraben Free Silicon-Free No Weigh-Down Nourishes to Restore Softness & Shine

Consistency: The shampoo is cleansing and the conditioner is thick and feels moisturizing.

Smell: It smells really good. I am always happy when I know I can have fresh smelling hair for a couple of day’s after. Especially having small children and smelling like spit up most of the time.

Cost: $15 for shampoo and conditioner

Did it Deliver?: Overall I think it has made my hair more shiny without any products or styling. I prefer the Garnier Whole Blends to the Matrix set I was using I still have some frizz but I’d say it’s the best product I’ve found so far!

Would I Purchase Again?: Yes, however I’d like to buy Davines next to compare the 2.

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Results before Styling
Results after Styling
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