Odelle Birth Story: Covid

In January I made fun of my husband, Benton for keeping up with this weird illness based in China. He told me to mark his words, that in a few months everyone would be talking about it. Yep. He was right. I’m not sure either of us could have imagined that it would basically shut down our world.

I was due April 4 and so by March I was seeing my midwives every week.

It was around that time that people were starting to panic about covid and governments were implementing self isolation. I was planning a home birth and the midwife wanted to come to my house to see where it was and go over everything. Before the meeting I received a phone call from the midwives that asked if anyone was sick in my house and I told them my daughter was getting over a cold. They didn’t end up coming. By the next week I felt concerned because I was getting closer to my due date.

The next week the midwife came and discussed home birth, everything seemed fine until my daughter coughed and the midwife mentioned that she was still sick. Things felt weird after that.

I got a phone call from another midwife the next day to tell me that my daughter had to be symptom free for 14 days AFTER symptoms had stopped in order to have a home birth. They also continually asked about whether or not I was seeing my Mom and Dad who had been out of the Country. I told them repeatedly that they were in isolation and that I hadn’t seen them. Then they’d ask other prying questions about who was in my house or where I had been going and whether or not my husband was working. I felt so stressed and like I was under a microscope. I felt I had to justify myself and convince them every time I talked to them that I was serious about covid. Eventually I opted for a hospital birth for peace of mind and to stop stressing about who was in my house and if the midwives would be ok with it.

I was a week late. I wanted the baby to come but had so much anxiety about the hospital and what it would be like. Finally, on April 10 I woke up at 6:30am and had bloody show and knew they weren’t Braxton Hicks contractions! It was go time!

I had a bath at home and tracked my contractions with an app. Meanwhile, I could hear my daughter outside of the doors of the bathroom saying, ‘Mama, hold you!’ Which meant she wanted to be held. I could see her little naked body with her diaper on through the doors to the bathroom and it melted my heart. At that point, I ended up calling the midwifery clinic, which gave me the number of the midwife on call. I called and the first thing out of her mouth was, ‘I’m not on call anymore.’ Not said in the nicest of tones. Guess what lady, not my problem. She told me she’d contact the other midwife.

We called my mother and sister in law to come so they could watch Lovise and in the meantime I was sitting on my bed and became increasingly concerned that I was getting close to pushing. At that point I still hadn’t heard back from the midwife so I texted and she said, ‘Oh I texted her. I’ll give her a call.’ YA YOU SHOULD PROBABLY CALL. Benton and I decided we’d go to the hospital and we’d be fine with an OB to deliver the baby. Finally I heard from my midwife and she said she’d go to the hospital. Around that time my mother and sister in law arrived and I told them I had 2 minutes between contractions to say hi and tried to run out the door so I wouldn’t scare Lovise with my contractions.

We arrived at the hospital at 9:30am and were greeted by two ladies who asked our intentions and asked us to sanitize our hands. The hospital was basically empty. We saw a few people with masks on. I went and stood behind a line on the floor at the labor and delivery desk and told them my name and personal health number. Then I was checked by my midwife and was 6cm dilated so they brought me into the delivery room and I sat in the bath.

When I was labouring with Lovise I didn’t want Benton near me, but this time I wanted to hold his hand. Honestly, I think it’s because I had been so stressed out with the midwives focus on covid that I wanted someone close to me that was supportive. The midwife let me do my thing and I told her I thought I needed to push.

I went to the bed and she broke my water. Then, like some sort of weird zombie apocalypse, the nurse put a mask on me and gave a mask to my husband. Nothing like pushing a baby out with something covering your mouth and nose. I ended up flipping it up to catch my breath during labor. It’s not right for a woman to have to be inhibited while pushing out a baby! At that point I didn’t care about covid or any of the rules.

I’ll never forget the silence of the room and how far away the nurses and midwife were. Turns out they were socially distancing themselves from me. Even in the delivery room! It was suuupper awkward and so different from my first. Once Odelle was crowning I felt Benton’s hand release from mine and I thought, ‘where is he going’? Until I saw his stiff body fall sideways onto the table with all of the medical supplies used for delivery and thud onto the floor. He fainted!! I yelled for him and at that point 7 frantic nurses came running in and one said he had to go to the ER which made me panic a bit. It was like a scene from a movie with everyone attending to my husband and me by myself barking orders through pushing. Eventually, he came to it and drank a bit of juice and sat in a chair. In a way it was a nice distraction from everyone standing 6’ away and staring at my vagina.

Once they focused on me again it was my final push and they couldn’t social distance anymore. They huddled in and she was born. My perfect little Odelle Mae was born at 11:15am at 9lbs 1oz. She was massive and such a little sweetheart. Instant love. Suddenly, all of the covid hype melted away and felt so insignificant. She was here! I said, ‘welcome to the pandemic little one’

We left the hospital 5 hours later. She’s been a sweet little baby so far and we’re so thankful to have her here safe and sound!

Hospital birth during covid 19

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