Canada Day Sugar Cookies made with a Toddler

I have ‘preschool’ every morning with Lovise and always do activities to keep both of us occupied. I thought it’d be fun to bake some Canada Day treats in honour of Canada Day! These treats make for a very easy activity that you can do with your kids!

These Canada Day cookies turned out great! I wanted to portion everything out the night before so that there wouldn’t be any toddler mishaps… but I forgot. So, Lovie stood patiently on her stool while I ran around getting the ingredients. She dumped ingredients into the bowl.

I did most of the design part when she napped, but I had her help me with some of the icing- as you can see from the crooked lines:) The cookies are a great option for a simple Canada Day dessert for a party or for your kids to eat!

Here are the recipes I used for our Canadian Cookies:

Sugar Cookie Recipe: I got from here, it was really straight forward and tastes delicious. I liked that it turned out moist and not hard like some sugar cookies I’ve had in the past.

Sugar Cookie Icing Recipe: I got from here. I hadn’t tried this icing before- it’s also a very simple, basic icing. I ended up finding the meringue on amazon.

Get design instructions below

Design Instructions

  • Freehand the rectangular shape using a knife. As you can see mine came in a variety of sizes to add character:)
  • First I used the white icing to cover the full cookie with a spatula
  • Then I added red food colouring to the icing (eyeballed it for the right colour) and put the two red sections on overtop the white icing on the cookie once the white icing was dry
  • For the design of the maple leaf, I took a toothpick to draw the outline and then used the toothpick to fill it in with red icing
  • Make sure to allow it to dry and then serve!

Happy Canada Day!


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