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Originally Heather and I started this blog as a means to document our journey to start our own buisness as well as share where we are at in our motherhood journeys. However, through trial and error it took us longer then expected to perfect our first product. So our blog became more of a place to let our readers get to know us a little more personally. In just one short week we will officially be launching our company Bubs and Windy! Yes the name is quirky but we love it and are so proud of all the hard work we have put in to get here! 

So what is Bubs and Windy all about?

When I first became pregnant with Oakland I would scroll through pinterest and look at all the beautiful photos of mothers sitting with their babies in perfectly curated nurseries. I couldn’t wait for that mother to be me. However, it was not. The reality was I was living in my pajamas for way too long and I was on the struggle bus to accomplish anything other than trying to feed Oakland and have her stop crying.

I also found that all of the stylish and quality mama gear was sooo expensive. I specifically remember wanting to find a cute and neutral playmat for Oaks. Hoping if I did that I would be able to put her down for a little bit while she tries to grab at the dangling toys and heck maybe I could even get dinner on the table. I just couldn’t find any such thing. Every play mat I found was bright lime green and would stick out like a sore thumb in my home. Eventually I managed to track down a beautiful neutral playmat! I was so excited until I found out it was $250. Maybe If I was planning on having a dozen children I could justify that but currently we are thinking we will easily max out at 3.

That is what lead me to make one myself. With the help of my go to design guru Joseph Coombes and my trusty business partner Heather Nickel we finally have our first product for Bubs & Windy Childrens Co!

Take a sneak peak below and follow along on Instagram @bubsandwindy as we continue to create and design new stylish baby products.

Bubs and Windy Playmat

bubs and windy childrens company

bubs and windy childrens co

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