Baby Shower

I have been looking forward to my baby shower ever since we set the date for it. It’s one of those things that is so fun – celebrating this new baby and having a bunch of people in the room that you love.

My sister-in-law, sister and Mom planned the party for me and we decided to host it at my house. Benton and I spent the weeks leading up to it preparing. I was weeding in my sports bra and trailer trash shorts and he was on a ladder washing the house down. I didn’t mind all of the prep work because I figured I had to fully clean before the baby comes anyway.

The actual day of the party was wonderful. Family and friends gathered in our home from all over to celebrate the baby. There was delicious treats, a couple of games and some great conversation. Everyone was so generous! The decor was done exactly how I would have wanted it and the dessert was delicious. Every pregnant woman needs some good dessert:)IMG_2519 2

What I didn’t expect was talking about infertility. It’s so bizarre that I didn’t think about it. I prayed for 3 years to get the positive test and throughout this pregnancy it’s like I’ve somehow forgotten my journey. I looked on the table and saw a felt letter board that said “For this child I have prayed” and my heart panged with the memory of those 3 years. Yes, I did pray, and so did a lot of people in the room with me.For this child I have prayed

My sister-in-law did a devotional and talked about Hannah and her journey. Then she read Psalm 139 and AGAIN I was all emo. Psalm 139 is what I prayed when I was in the hardest moments of our infertility. When I felt broken and forgotten I would pray that truth and feel rejuvenated. As I sat there in my pink dress with all of the decorations and hoopla, I was brought back to the journey that God walked with me and his faithfulness and grace towards me. It was an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness and as the little baby kicked away while I ate my cake, I saw that there was a new being that was just as loved and taken care of by their heavenly Father. My shower ministered to me and totally caught me off guard.

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I was beyond thankful for all of the love and sacrifice that people extended to me, especially my family members and close friends that helped to plan and were so generous. What a wonderful day!

IMG_2529IMG_2524IMG_2525 2

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