Baby Names


Since having our 3rd little babe join us. We get asked two questions constantly.

  1. Why did we name him that?
  2. Are we done having babies?

The latter is a bit of a bigger topic for us so I’ll save that one for another day. But I’ll get to the first question today.

I mean it is 2019 people. Is there even such a thing as an odd name anymore? Is it even odd to give your kid an odd name? If I’m being honest I’m genuinely more surprised when I find out someone named their kid Karen or Kevin, or something like that.

Anyways, we recently had our third baby this past October. Our first boy! Grizzly Hendricks Penner. His name is probably the one we receive the most flack about.

I’ve always felt like we didn’t necessarily PICK our kids names but rather once we heard it it just felt like THAT’S it, that’s their name!

Grizzly was a name Dev had mentioned during our first pregnancy but I was never fully sold on it. Just didn’t feel right. Second pregnancy, same thing. Third pregnancy though, that was the one. It helped though that it was really the only boys name we ever loved. I really thought we were having a boy this time and Grizzly was to be his name. I mean there’s Grizzly Adams so I didn’t feel like it was unheard of? But people tots forgot about him so apparently it was. With our first names being more unique we’ve always gone more sentimental/family names for the middle. Hendricks is a combination of my dad’s middle name Hendrik and Devon’s Dad’s name Rick. Anyways, whatever, who cares, we love it and he was a little baby boy after all! He’s seriously the sweetest happiest little baby and Devon tots teared up when he saw it was a boy. It really was just the best moment. Well maybe not for me I was still spread eagle, legs a shakin when we found out he was a boy but I love him so flippin much.


While you’re here I might as well briefly explain our girls names too.

Oakland Elsie is our first born. We had been throwing so many names out there. We’ve always found it so much harder to find boys names and one of us just threw out Oakland for a boy. We both knew right away that we loved the name but more for a girl! At the time I was 99 percent sure we were having a girl and just felt like that was her name. Her middle name Elsie is after her great Oma. Elsie Penner.


Rye Adelina our 2nd born was actually not named after Rye bread as many people seem to think. When we were trying to think of names we would just throw out words, names, anything really and see if we liked it. One time Devon yelled out “Fence”. That one was collectively a quick no. Then later on I remember him (looking at his bar) shouting out “Scotch” hahah I was like no way are we naming our kid after alcohol. But then I saw a bottle of Rye and thus we named our kid after alcohol (yes we are also aware Hendricks is a Gin). But if you know Rye, it suits her. She really is such a pretty little munchkin she just pulls it off! Her middle name Adelina is after my grandmother Velma Adelina Penner. (I should mention there is no incest present. My mother’s maiden name was also Penner but she was adopted so genetically it’s tots fine).










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