Anti-Inflammatory Recipe

After I chatted with my Naturopath, she encouraged me to stick to a gluten free, dairy free, alcohol free, anti-inflammatory diet. This type of diet reduces inflammation in a person’s body, which in turn reduces the amount of antibodies that attack healthy cells in the body. I have been avidly researching all of the anti-inflammatory foods and plan to start my own anti-inflammatory garden this summer (stay tuned!)

When Benton and I first got married we struggled hard trying to find some tasty, healthy recipes. When I look for recipes I search for 4 things:

       1. It won’t take me longer than 30 minutes

      2. It is gluten free & dairy free

     3. It is healthy

     4. It doesn’t taste like cardboard

It seems like not a lot to ask, but for those of you who have been down the road of restrictive diet cooking, I know I can hear an ‘amen’!

One day Benton stumbled upon Minimalist Baker and we have been in love with her recipes ever since. It combines my 4 crucial components and more! She offers gluten free, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian and a KILLER result every time. Her stuff is TASTY!

This weekend I made her delicious Detox Salad it was a perfect combination of everything anti-inflammatory. The Tahini dressing totally topped off all of the fresh ingredients. I don’t know about you, but sometimes my body craves a good salad (and sometimes a Big Mac) – this salad totally fulfilled my salad craving. If you aren’t into a more bitter dressing, add a bit of maple syrup (also anti-inflammatory) to it.

If you are looking to venture down the anti-inflammatory diet route or just be more health conscious, I would highly suggest trying out some of her recipes!





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