6 Month old Lovise

It’s officially 6 months since Lovise entered our lives and it has changed us forever. She is such a sweetheart. For the first 4 months I stressed hard about stupid things, trying in vain to schedule her and in the 5th month I realized that lovie is her own little person. The less I stress and try to schedule her, the more she thrives.

At 6 months old Lovie enjoys being with other people. It’s so fascinating to me because if it was acceptable I’d hermit myself forever, but she is happy as a clam socializing. She likes being held by other people and functions best when we’re out and about.

She has a good sense of humor. We laugh a lot together and I didn’t think I’d have such a good time with a 6 month old. She laughs at potty humor mostly, saying ‘boogies and toots in the bath’ gets her every time when she’s feeling silly. I’m a nut to begin with so every now and then I’ll be saying something in an accent and she’ll start laughing. It warms my heart.

She’s not a great sleeper- sometimes she wakes every hour. But I wake up at 7am every morning to her toothless grin and feel so much joy as I sing our morning song and open the blinds. Somehow our bodies just adjust to lack of sleep in parenthood so I’m thankful for that.

Lovie enjoys books and putting everything in her mouth. She’s able to roll from her stomach to back and just started rolling from her back to her stomach. She is trying to get those knees up to crawl but can move herself backwards around the room by pushing herself with her arms lol.

Lovie has absolutely WILD hair and has just started screaming loudly at some of her toys, haha. She often puts her hands up to my face and it looks like she’s going to cup my face gently but then she lobster clamps me, digging in her nails and it kills lol.

She’s really cuddly and she loves to be held.

Lovie plays on her Bubs mat for most of the day. After so many years of infertility and not knowing if I’d ever have a child to use our play gym it’s awesome to see her enjoying it so much!

I feel intensely bonded to her. It took a while, but I feel like I am her person and I would do anything for her. I feel her little eyes following me around the room and there’s nothing better. I say to her daily ‘I love being your mom’ and it’s true. She is a joy.

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