28 Weeks Pregnant – The Week I lost my Marbles

I have officially started my third trimester! It warmed my heart to see that by the end of the 28th week, 95% of babies survive if they are born prematurely. Somehow through all of the unpredictability in pregnancy it seemed comforting to me, even though I know that at any point, anything can happen.

Last week Benton and I went on a trip to Mayne Island that was exactly what we needed (or at least what I needed). After taking over someone else’s role at work, I felt very busy the weeks leading up to our trip and it was so lovely to get away for a breather.

We drove Benton’s work van up there and ended up staying at a beautiful oceanfront resort. Benton made me dinner every night (and fulfilled my lobster craving!) and we went hiking and kayaking daily, it was wonderful. I also had about 2 naps a day:)



IMG_1181As someone who has a complete meltdown in heat, I was pleasantly surprised at the constant breeze from the ocean that gave me relief from the sun. Before last weekend I hadn’t experienced ocean vacationing before and it is definitely something I would like to do more often.

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As far as symptoms go, this is the week that I have totally lost my marbles. They say that pregnancy fog is a ‘thing’ and I really believe it. I’ve successfuly put a cake in the oven and forgotten about it, switched over laundry without turning anything on, been asked to pick something up and forgotten about it, tried to cook yam fries at 230 degrees Fahrenheit when it was supposed to be 450 and burnt two pieces of toast by pushing them down in the toaster too many times and forgetting. I can be told a million times about something and I ask the same questions because I just don’t remember. I write notes for myself in my phone so that I don’t forget things. I also made sure to hide my wedding rings in our house because they won’t fit on my pudgy fingers and now I’ve forgotten where I hid them. Poor Benton thinks I have really lost it (which I have, I know).

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Benton and I agreed that July would be a great time to start decorating the nursery and I can’t believe it’s a week away already! This weekend I am planning on washing the walls in the nursery and start to clean out the closet to make way for the new furniture that will be gracing the room in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait to start making way for our little babe:)

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