2 Months to a Baby

Trying to Conceive

I am a walking stress ball, I always have been. I am used to working 12 hours a day and bulldozing my way through life with my hair disheveled and bags under my eyes like a madwoman. I have accepted this as the way I am and the way that life has to be, until a few months ago when my naturopath threw a wrench in it.

She said, “Heather, you are supporting your body with vitamins, supplements and diet, but you are telling it to focus on fighting stress instead of focusing on getting pregnant. You won’t get pregnant while operating this way”.

It totally freaked me out. I literally thought I could work excessively, pop a few herbal pills and everything would be taken care of. Unfortunately (or fortunately?!) my body is a sensitive ecosystem that requires some serious care and can’t be tricked into being relaxed.

I neglected to do anything about her comment for a few months, but it bothered me. Last week I talked with my husband and decided to just work on my side business for the next two months until my next full-time business contract starts in September. This will allow me to ‘focus on getting pregnant’.

I have no idea what that means. Whenever people say that I picture someone sitting cross-legged, willing those swimmers to meet that egg with serious intent in a deep meditation for 8 hours a day. I have the attention span of a fly and can guarantee you that it is NOT what my 2 month break will look like. My game plan for these 2 months is to take care- of myself, my surroundings, my relationships, my spirituality – everything. It’s to focus on being a whole person instead of a totally burnt out workaholic with adrenal fatigue.

Will this be a 2 month fix? I really hope so, but if there’s anything I’ve learned in these 2 years, my body doesn’t adhere to my timeline. Starting mid-June I will be defining what it means to “Focus on Getting Pregnant” as I live it out and discover a more balanced life. I am nervous but excited to see what these next 2 months will bring and I am looking forward to documenting the ride. If you know of someone who has done this before, or if you are thinking about doing it or have some tips, feel free to DM me! I would love to connect.

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