Symptoms 10 Weeks Pregnant

You know when you’ve got a stuffed nose and you can’t remember what it was like to breathe naturally through it? You wonder if you’ll ever be able to smell or taste the same again… Ok so this is a bit dramatic, but it’s kind of what I’ve felt like lately. I wonder if I’ll have a day where I don’t feel like I have the flu or a horrible stomach bug. I wonder if I’ll ever want to attend social gatherings again.

I’ve been having some weird symptoms.. the kind they don’t tell you about. Most women get the classic ‘glow’ and I’m over here looking like I’ve been smoking weed all night. I wake up in the morning and my eyes are so bloodshot that people ask me if I’m ok at work.

My skin is dry and itchy and I have bumps all over my face (plus I think my wrinkles are getting worse every day.. is that a thing?). I burped loudly in a meeting the other day, unannounced. There was NO WARNING, it just came up. I excused myself and then my coworker asked if I had something to say… mortifying. I wonder if they’re casting for Trailer Park Boys anytime soon?

My brain doesn’t function past 9:30, so unfortunately I’ve said some really stupid things to people when it’s past my bedtime. I know people walk away from the conversation and think, “Man, she’s a nice girl but one brick short of a load”.

I’ve been reading the daily blogs on my pregnancy app and just learned that my nipples will turn into, “Large Saucers”… Er…What…?!

As I joke about all these things, of course I am so happy to be pregnant. I feel like a human turd, but I’m so thankful. I know that all of my sickness is due to a little growing human and I am so happy to be dealing with the sickness for little Barnie. It’s all for a good cause:)

Here’s a little 10 week baby bloat photo!



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