1 Month with Rye

Newborn Baby Girl

Well I’ve made it through one whole month of two kids under two. Actually if we are getting technical it’s currently two under one and a half. I have always wanted to have my kids close together. I’m from a family of four kids and we have only five and a half years between us. Some call that crazy. I know I do. But growing up we all have been really close, and still are to this day. My brother and I are 15 months apart and we’ve always been fairly inseparable, especially as kids. I hoped my children would have that experience also. Not to say that if they are born farther apart they won’t have that, but I’ve always wanted to have my first two close in age. However, now that I do I think what on earth was my mother thinking. This is a sh*t show of massive proportions. It’s actually at the point where all you can do is laugh because the gong show is too comical to even believe it’s real life.

1 Month Old

It’s easily been the most challenging month of my life. The first time we ventured to church with both girls pretty much sums it up perfectly. I went to drop Oakland off at Sunday school (she’s been before and had no problems with it). However, this time she begged me to stay. I sat down and played with her for a couple minutes hoping that once she got settled in I could leave. The moment I left she let out a blood curdling scream. I told the volunteer that she would stop momentarily (not really knowing if that was true or not). I then headed into the auditorium only to hear Rye crying and Devon telling me she was rooting for food. So I grabbed her and was headed back out to find a place to feed. As I was leaving I saw Oaklands registration number come on the big screen, letting me know she in fact did NOT calm down and I had to go get her. When I got there, not only was she screaming, but she disrupted the whole group enough that all the other kids were crying too. I carried two crying babies in my arms through the halls as I was looking for a place to feed Rye. My sister Avery, having her intuition came out to help. Oakland was still wailing as if I had abandoned her forever and she didn’t even want her own Aunt to hold her (which never happens). So with no comfortable place to feed- all 4 of us went into a bathroom stall. I had Oakland on my lap and my sister was holding Rye up to my boob. I don’t know if all moms have these moments? Or maybe I just need to figure my life out. But with my sister sitting on the floor face level to my tit and me on the toilet seat with one kid bawling and one kid guzzling away, all we could really do was laugh.

Mother of Daughters

Even though it has been a big month of adjustments. My insides have never felt so warm and bubbly. Upon Oaklands request, each morning her and Rye have a cuddle, hold each other’s hands and Oakland speaks incoherent gibberish to her. Oakland is very nurturing and often laughs to herself like they are the best friends who just shared the funniest joke in the world. I can’t get enough of the crazy little personality Oakland is developing and the newborn-ness of Rye.

Mother of Daughters

So far Rye is a fairly chill baby. She feeds around the clock, likes to be snuggled up in someones arms constantly, and sounds like a goat when she cries (it’s extremely odd). She’s also a very smily baby. She seems to be filling out at a nice steady rate and my fingers are crossed that she will gain some nice chub and I can fulfill my dream of having a roly poly baby.

Girl Mom

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