30 Weeks Pregnant


I’ll be 30 weeks on Friday.  Which really just marks the last 10 half sane weeks of our life, unless by some miracle this baby has a calm spirit. So far she seems to be more gentle and less active than Oakland but maybe that’s just my wishful thinking. This pregnancy has been so different in every way for me. We decided to find out the gender this time around and by “we” I mean me. Devon wanted another surprise but he got to decide last time and I wanted to see if the pregnancy felt different knowing the gender.  I think since finding out she is in fact a she and giving her a name that I’ve felt more connected to this pregnancy. At night when I can’t sleep and I feel her tumbling around in there I wonder if she will inherit my genetics and be born with dark eyes and a full head of dark hair or be bald and fair eyed like Devon and Oakland were.


Both my pregnancies I have been plagued by many different ailments. This time around it’s a vicious case of my whole body itching. Devon actually can’t stand to be around me when I’m scratching. I have scabs from scratching so much and I feel like a total crack head. I’ve also had such bad pregnancy brain this time around it’s almost comical. Last Saturday I started a load of laundry only to discover that I had also washed my phone along with it. It was absolutely toast and I find in these moments in life it’s hard not to absolutely hate yourself. That same day I proceeded to have blood work done to find out what is causing all this crazy itching. Usually I only have to wait around 10 minutes but apparently everyone was hoping to have their blood work done over the weekend . I waited for over 2 hours and when they finally called my number I went up to the desk only to have her ask me how long I had been fasting for. “Um? For the past 2 hours sitting here”. Does any pregnant woman voluntarily choose to fast longer than that?! She said the requirement was 8 hours so I would need to come back but at least I could get the urine sample over with. She handed me the cup and directed me to the bathroom literally 5 steps to her right. I walked in, sat down and went pee. I remember looking at the empty cup still in my hand thinking, “oh right, that’s what I was supposed to do”. I was so embarrassed! I couldn’t believe I had made it this far in life yet couldn’t even remember to pee in a cup. I hid the cup in the armpit of my jacket and ran out with it. Maybe I’ll keep it as a memoir for her. Until now I haven’t taken a single bump pic. Oakland will have all of these photo’s and things I collected from my pregnancy with her and her sister will have a broken iphone and a urine sample cup. We are basically guaranteeing that she’ll have middle child syndrome.


In all honesty, I can’t complain. I might have some weird pregnancy symptoms and don’t enjoy the process all that much. But I am healthy with a healthy growing baby inside me and that is the ultimate blessing. I know that the minute I hold this baby and see her tiny little face staring back at me I would do the iphone washing and body scratching all over again. I also know that as nervous as I am to have a 1.5 year old and a newborn that one day when I catch them playing together or sharing a sweet moment that I will be so thankful God chose such specific times for each child to be born.


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