North Shore Oahu

North Shore Oahu Vacation

Dev and I spent the last 10 days on vacation on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. I briefly lived here before I met Devon and I was so excited to show him a place that feels so special to me. The plane ride there is 6 hours from Vancouver and was during Oaklands bed time so we thought we had planned it perfectly. However she did not even close her eyes for a minute. The girl was making friends, seat hopping, snacking, walking the aisles. We brought an ipad hoping she would watch at least one movie, but she just isn’t into TV.  It was exhausting. The fact that she didn’t cry the whole time is a win in itself but still, what 1.5 year old can stay up until the ass crack of dawn? Is that normal?! I’m not even lying she fell asleep in the car 5 minutes before we pulled up to our little beach bungalow, at 1 am!!

Travelling with Kids

Oahu North Shore

The first day was a little rocky, it’s a 3 hour time difference which doesn’t seem that aggressive but given Oaklands sleep of only 6 hours the night before (she usually sleeps 12-13) she was such a crank pot. In my head I was thinking she’s literally not going to adjust until the day before we head home or some sick crap like that. I started having anxiety that the trip wasn’t going to be all we had hoped and that everyone wouldn’t enjoy themselves. Getting Oakland to bed that night was rough. She screamed bloody murder when I tried to put her down, I could tell she was just super scared of the new room she was in. I remember finally getting her down and just bawling in my room as I fed Rye her bedtime feed. I know that sounds so silly. Here I am on a 10 day vacay in Hawaii and I am crying. But for some reason it all felt so overwhelming to me. More than anything I wanted Dev (who works his arse off day in and day out) and my brother and sister in law (who came with us) to have the best time ever. But with the the way things were going thus far didn’t know if that would be the case.

Travelling with Kids

North Shore Oahu Hawaii

But Oaks got a solid 12 hours that night, we all woke up to birds chirping and warm wind blowing through our rooms. We went for coffee and acai bowls at one of my favourite coffee shops, coffee gallery.  They have a little courtyard in the back for people to hang out in so Oaks just ran around chasing the chickens (they roam free here) and smelling the flowers, while we actually got to enjoy our coffee. Well mostly at least, I still ended up downing mine because Oakland kept begging for sips of it (she seriously loves coffee). Ever since it’s seriously been such an amazing trip. I honestly think kids (or at least mine) were made for this easy breezy lifestyle. I know thats not necessarily realistic. But it has made having 2 children more enjoyable then ever before. Oakland has never been so content and honestly 99% of the time so well behaved. I honestly think it has something to do with just simplifying things. We only brought a handful of toys and books for her that she usually played with first thing in the morning. There was no rush to be anywhere at any specific time. Oakland and Rye are practically naked the whole trip. Oaks could be running around on the beach or making a mess in the backyard and nobody cared. There’s something about the simple slow paced island life that was so relaxing and enjoyable for all of us. Which is a big deal. Oakland has always been a more intense and frustrated child. So to see her mellow out and just be happy as a clam running around like the carefree wild child that she is made the trip so worth it for me! Not to mention when the babies would both go down for bed and we adults were able to crack open a bottle of wine and play some poker was so perfect!

North Shore Hawaii

Family Trip North Shore Oahu

All this to say travelling with kids can be daunting and also expensive but if you can save the money to take a fun trip with them somewhere it’s so worth it! I know people say they don’t remember it at such a young age, but you are still helping to form their brain through different experiences, cultures and adventures. Dev and I also felt like we got to connect to both our girls more on this trip. To just let them be and to be present with them. If you are ever spending some time on the  North Shore of Oahu I’ve listed my top recommendations below!

North Shore Hawaii

Sunset Beach Oahu

Coffee shops

Coffee Gallery: Make sure to try their Morning bun, it changes daily and is always super delicious!

Surfers Coffee Bar: Best acai bowls by far & they are serving up Stumptown coffee

Sunrise Shack: Known for bullet proof coffee & Papaya bowls!


Kono’s: Try any of their “bombers” or their biscuit trio

Koa Pancake house: Banana pancakes with coconut syrup, need I say more?

Haleiwa Bowls: Smoothies, acai bowls and Kombucha on tap


Storto’s Sandwhich shop: You really can’t go wrong here but their veggie sandwich with papaya dressing is out of this world!

Maui Mike’s fire roasted chicken: Try any of their chicken sandwiches, they are sooo tasty!

The elephant Truck: Super delicious thai food and a beautiful outdoor area to eat in, make sure to try their Thai iced tea!


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