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This weekend we make the big move from our first place together, a tiny but cozy basement suite to a character home with a yard. I am so excited to have more space for our growing family and a place for our girls to play outside this summer! But man the actual process of moving sucksss! Maybe it’s that I’m 37 weeks pregnant and it feels like the baby is trying to burrow into my pelvic bones? Or maybe it’s just the sheer amount of stuff we own?! I’ve always thought of myself as fairly minimalist, not necessarily in my tastes but in the sense that we haven’t accumulated a lot of stuff. We regularly do a sort of “spring cleaning” through everything we own and if we haven’t worn it or used it in the last year we donate it to our nearest Salvation Army. But packing up your life and putting everything into boxes makes you very aware of how much stuff you actually have. I noticed particularly how much baby stuff we have. All the gear I thought we needed that we only ever used a handful of times. All the toys and books Oakland has looked at a grand total of once! In reality she’s always been much happier playing with one of my makeup brushes or an empty container with a lid. But with another newborn almost any day now my nesting hormones are in full rage. So I’m deciding to share my personal favourite essentials for bringing home baby. Which isn’t a huge list anymore after having Oakland and learning what the actual needs are.





  1. Super Soft Onesies – My favourite are from Little Citizens . They are nice and stretchy so they fit for awhile and they are so soft on babies newborn skin!
  2. Burping Bibs – For some people this might be less of a need. Depends how much your baby spits up and if you care to be living in spew covered clothes – maybe you are just too tired to care. Hey I don’t blame you. But I hate doing laundry so these silky soft burpy bibs are a must for me!
  3. Diapers & Wipes – Duhhh. I know these are a no brainer. But check out Parasol Co . They have a monthly subscription option, which just makes life easier, especially when you are recovering from baby brain. I’ve had one too many times where I was down to my last diaper and it totally threw off my day to drive into town just for some diapers or wipes! Plus their packaging is so super cute it just makes me a little happier to change a diaper!
  4. Organic Wash Cloths – Burt’s Bees baby are my fav! They are the perfect size for bath time with your brand new babe, and super durable which I love because I hate it when they get all tattered and thin after only a couple uses.
  5. Shampoo & Body Wash – You actually don’t NEED to use shampoo on your baby for awhile. But when we started to get into a nighttime routine with Oakland we loved giving her a bath and this Lavender + Rosemary  wash from Tubby Todd  is perfect for a soothing pre bedtime ritual! Plus it’s 100% natural + organic ingredients you can feel good about using!
  6. Organic Baby Sleepers– These Burt’s Bees Baby sleepers are seriously sooo soft. I even have an adult pair to match, that I probably wear way too often if i’m being honest! They are seriously amazing, and I would like to see your baby resist falling asleep in these bad boys.
  7. Baby Oil – Okay this one maybe isn’t as much of a need for everyone. But again I loved giving Oakland a nice soothing nighttime ritual before bed (and she started sleeping through the night-like 12 hours-around 3 months) so I intend to do the same with this next one. After her bath, I would give her a massage with some oil and get her all cozy in her pyjamas. This Alma Baby Oil is super luxurious and a great addition to your newborn essentials.
  8. Swaddling Blankets – I severely struggled in the swaddling department and Devon was always the one getting up to wrap her up tight as can be! He quickly let me know these Numpfer multi-use blankets were the best ones. Perfect size, stretchy material and super soft! If I ever brought him another blanket to wrap her up in he would send me back for the Numpfer!
  9. Diaper Rash Cream – I love this Honest Company Cream . It’s hypoallergenic and plant & mineral based. Plus it’s easy to wipe off so you don’t get cream all over yourself that takes a scrub brush to get off.
  10. Hooded Towel – You can totally use a regular towel. But something about snuggling your wet baby all wrapped tight in a hooded towel is just so cute. You can get this one for just $15 bucks, it’s super soft too!
  11. Diaper Bag – Obvs this thing will save your butt. Those unexpected diaper blow outs or random barf attacks. I’ve seriously loved my Skip Hop Chelsea bag, but have come to see the attraction of their backpack style! Seems a little easier on the body when you are lugging around a car seat or baby or carrying stuff in the house. Plus it has loads of compartments & pockets for all your gear!
  12. Nursing Pillow – If you nurse, bottle feed, or formula feed this thing will make your life easier! I know babies look so tiny, but when you are exhausted and your arm is sore from rocking or holding your baby all day sometimes it’s just nice to have that break and the extra support. Especially if your baby takes their sweet arse time feeding! The Ergobaby nursing pillow is your perfect feeding support!
  13. Baby Bath – I actually made my mother in law bath Oakland for the first time after we got home from the hospital, I was so nervous! But the Puj Flyte  makes bathing your little babe in the sink easy and worry free! Major plus is that it folds up flat and doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  14. Baby Wrap – Now I admit this whole baby wrap thing takes a little while to figure out. I think I finally figured it out when Oakland just got a little too heavy for my liking. But with baby number 2 I fully intend to use it as much as possible because it just makes life with babies that much easier! I have the Solly Wrap and love the material and that it can adjust to fit me or Devon.

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