Week 3 & 4: 2 Months to a Baby: Mini-Trips

Not having a job in this two month to a baby quest was very stressful for me at first. I had all of the purchases we were making in the back of my mind, freaking out that I didn’t have my second income to help pay off our expenses.

I have chilled out a bit about the whole financial situation, but we are definitely being more conscious of where we’re spending money. Despite this new financial change, Benton and I decided that we should still live our lives and do things on a smaller scale. Enter: Mini-trips.

I LOVE adventure with Benton. I don’t care about the destination so much as the journey to get there – seeing new things, chatting, listening to good music, having the wind in my hair, getting out of the day to day and spending some quality time together. I am always down for a good drive.

Here’s the deal. I am not going to pretend I live some extravagant life, because I don’t. I appreciate little adventures and mini-trips are the best because they don’t involve a ton of money. Recently, we found ourselves adventuring to Lummi Island in Washington.

AHHH! This place is my favourite. Mostly because Benton and I drove into the States to visit a soap shop (that ended up being a dud), drove around for a bit and then ended up in front of a small ferry terminal that was going to start loading in 5 minutes.

Benton looked at me and asked if we should go. I was hesitant at first, because I hadn’t researched this place, brought my bathing suit, brought water or snacks… but then I thought whatever, let’s do it. We ended up driving onto a tiny car ferry to an Island that we had heard about from our parents. I love this type of adventure.

IMG_4470The ferry is $20 for a round-trip. Once you get there, you can do 4 things:

  1. There’s a small grocery store called, “The Islander” which has some snacks and drinks.
  2. Beach Store Cafe – we ended up visiting this little cafe, which has a really great salad with shallot vinaigrette. It overlooks the ocean and is really close to the ferry.
  3. There’s a farm to table restaurant called, “The Willows” that is apparently amazing. We didn’t end up going there because it’s more on the expensive side.
  4. THE OCEAN. Seriously, the views are unreal. We ended up stopping at Sunset beach, which is right in front of The Willows restaurant. There is beach access to the left if you are looking at the water (it’s kind of hidden).

FullSizeRender 4Benton and I had so much time to ourselves on the beach and explored on rocks and logs. We put our toes in the ocean and looked at the aquatic ecosystems on the rocks, because the tide was out. It felt like grade 5 again, but it was really fun. We also looked at a few massive yachts that were cruising in the distance and joked that we need to make friends with Bill Gates so that we can go out on a yacht once a year without any responsibility. Maybe Bill Gates wants to be friends with us?;)

IMG_4469You can’t beat the intentional time together, just sitting and chatting about life, future, faith, family… everything.

This place would be great for kids too, because there’s so much beach and there was no one around. There’s lots of exploring to be had!!

We did wish we would have brought a blanket to sit on and maybe some snacks, but the spontaneity of the whole thing was worth not having those things! We felt really relaxed after our chill day at the beach.

If you have a day where you have nothing to do and live near Washington, take a little mini-trip out there and check it out for yourself!

FullSizeRender 3

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