Week 5: 2 Months to a Baby: Naturopath Appointment

I had an appointment with my naturopath this week. I love meeting with her because I ask her everything that I’ve been googling for the past 3 months like, “my knee hurts at night, is this related to fertility?” You know, the usual stuff.

My mind works like a popcorn machine, popping new ideas all over the place to try to fix issues. Of course it’s no different with fertility, so I am constantly trying new ideas and researching the best things to do. Anyway, this particular meeting I was SO EXCITED to tell her about my new vegan lifestyle and workout routine.

Weeeelllll, my own enthusiasm about my brilliant life changes to reverse infertility were not met with the same enthusiasm from my naturopath. Much to my dismay I saw her shaking her head and smiling as I revealed my newest implementations in my fertility pursuit. At the end of my explanation she said, “Oh, Heather! Can you please consult me before you do any of these crazy things?!” Dreams. Crushed.

Here are 3 things she said to discourage me from becoming a vegan and trying to become ripped while trying to conceive:

  1. Excessive exercise reduces progesterone in the menstrual cycle. As someone with a luteal phase defect (progesterone deficiency) it doesn’t make sense to exercise vigorously, which can decrease fertility for me. 3 days of moderate exercise per week – max – was her suggestion.
  2. The goal is to keep my body warm for conception. Veganism is (generally) a colder diet with lots of raw vegetables. She said that I should be focusing on making warm foods with healthy fats in my diet and include lots of protein to support my progesterone levels. I had been eating meat about once a week before and she said to continue with that because…
  3. My body has been used to eating meat and doing moderate exercise for my whole life, and any drastic change like the one I had been making will make me regress after all of the positive changes that have been working for my fertility. Exactly the opposite of what I’ve been trying to do.

She told me to continue with my current lifestyle until I am finished having babies. Then I can try to get ripped and become a full vegan.

Even though she totally put me in my place, I was so thankful for her advice! Turns out that my body can’t keep up with the pace that my mind goes. I am beginning to understand that my body needs patience and consistency- it’s such a party pooper!

Everything my naturopath has implemented to date has worked really well, so I am fully going to listen to her and hopefully it will lead to a little baby soon!!


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