How to Write an Upwork Job Posting

Upwork is a wonderful tool I learned about after I read the book, “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris.

One of my biggest takeaways from the book was outsourcing things that you don’t have time to do, or that you can find someone to do for you for cheaper. I find I waste time doing something that I could outsource. I forget to ask myself: What’s my time worth?

There are many different websites out there where you can find virtual assistants to do your work. I really liked Upwork because it has a wide variety of people with different skills. You can find a very basic research assistant, or you can pay for a consultation with the former COO from a fortune 500 company. You pay for it, but nevertheless the option is there for you.

When you’re searching for someone to visit your manufacturer or source out your product, it’s  a big deal and you need to treat it that way. This could make or break your idea and can cost you.. a lot.

Here is an example of a job posting on Upwork:


I need someone to help me find a INSERT PRODUCT manufacturer in INSERT COUNTRY. The consultant I am looking for will have extensive experience sourcing manufacturers in INSERT COUNTRY. They will be fluent in INSERT LANGUAGE and INSERT LANGUAGE. They will have worked with various companies and be able to negotiate pricing and have my company’s best interest in mind. The consultant must have excellent ratings and expertise. The consultant must live in the general area that the manufacturer is located to do regular visits. The consultant will ensure that the manufacturer has all of it’s certifications and confirm via photos. The consultant will also be expected to negotiate pricing with the manufacturer based off of the price per product I give you.

I have a list of manufacturers that the consultant will meet with and report back with pictures as well as a summary of each.  I am looking for a reputable manufacturer that is ethical and will undergo audits. The manufacturer needs to have references and a quick turnaround time. The manufacturer must have extensive experience working with North American companies and have a history of confidentiality with companies they work with.
(I need a sample created from design files and then will make an order once the sample is approved and fits specifications.) – you may or may not need this section if you are private labeling.

Proposal – Questions to answer in their proposal

  1. How will you find an appropriate manufacturer?
  2. How will you negotiate pricing?
  3. How will you ensure that the manufacturer is ethical and experienced?

Preferred Qualifications

Job Success Score: At least 90%

Include Rising Talent: Yes

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