Best Dang Bacon Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary - Caesar

For people without kids Sundays are a glorious day of rest and relaxation. For those of us who still have to get up at the ass crack of dawn and play menial games for hours on end to somehow entertain our small humans, we don’t want, we NEED a flippin Bloody Mary. Okay maybe that’s slightly aggressive. I need coffee. But this Bloody Mary just takes that slight edge off of the exhaustion. Anywaysss…. Devon (my super sexy NERD husband) is quite the mixologist. He’s always coming up with super tasty creations and trying to elevate (sometimes I say complicate) everything; cooking, baking and drinks. He often picks a certain drink, focuses on it to try and perfect it then moves on. He recently was nerding out on Bloody Mary’s and Caesars. Amongst all the variations he came up, we are sharing one of my favourites below. And yes, I was hungry and ate the bacon before I decided this was photo worthy.

Bloody MaryBloody Mary

1 Pinch Celery Salt
1 Big Pinch Black Pepper
1 Dash Sriracha
1 Dash Mustard
3-4 Shakes Worcestershire
1 Lime Wedge’s Juice
1 Lime Wedge’s Juice
1/2 Oz Dill Pickle Brine
1/4 Oz Olive Brine
4 Oz Homemade Tomato Juice (Recipe Below)
2 Oz Bacon Infused Spirit (Recipe Below)
Garnishes of choice including sugared bacon (Recipe Below)

Rim of roughly 2:1:0.5 of Old Bay Seasoning, Celery Salt and Brown Sugar respectively.

1 – Coat the rim of a pint glass with lemon juice followed by the prepared seasoning.
2 – Add the all remaining ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice.
3 – Shake lightly as you want to mix the ingredients without melting too much of the ice then pour (unstrained) into the prepared pint glass.
4 – Place prepared sugared bacon into the glass and spear the garnishes of your choosing to place on top.

FYI: To make it a Caesar just add clam juice! It pairs nicely with the Old Bay Seasoning.

Sugared Bacon:

The sugared bacon is amazing as it adds a touch of sweetness but it also stays crispier longer when in the drink than other regular bacon.

1 – Place the bacon on a non stick baking sheet and place 1/2 tsp of brown sugar on each piece.
2 – Using the back of a spoon spread the sugar evenly on top. One side only.
3 – Twist the bacon and cook on broil until done to your liking. Although crispy is best so it stays crunchy in the drink.

Warning: This is hard to do without burning… watch it carefully.

Infused Spirit:

Traditionally, Vodka is used in Caesars and Bloody Mary’s. Infusing it with bacon adds another level of umami and who doesn’t love bacon. As Devon loves whiskey he occasionally will have a bourbon Bloody Mary and will infuse his bourbon with bacon. One important aspect to infusing your bourbon with bacon is that the quality of bacon matters. We prefer a really pure smokey bacon.

1 – You want to fry 4-5 pieces of bacon dry with no oil or butter added. Make sure to do it at a very low heat, starting in a cold pan.

It takes longer but this method of cooking guarantees that you’ll render the most fat possible out of your bacon instead of frying the outside and trapping the fat inside. This will give you the most pure and full bacon flavour. Once done strain off the fat and set aside.

2 – Take your cooled bacon fat and mix it with the spirit of your choice Mix them together in a glass jar with a large lid

Tip: do not mix them in the bottle of alcohol, as the narrow opening will make it harder to get the fat out.

3 – Mixture sit at room temperature with a tight lid on for 4–12 hours, then put it in a freezer. In the freezer, the fat will separate from the alcohol and freeze, forming a solidified layer above the spirit which will remain liquid.

4 – Once the fat has frozen remove it from the freezer and pour it through a very fine strainer, cheesecloth, or coffee filter.

Tomato Juice Recipe:

1 – Core and peel tomatoes. Often, the day before, we will wash and core the tomatoes and freeze them first. Then just dunk them in a sink full of hot water and the peel falls right off.

2 – Place the tomatoes in a large stock pot and bring them to a rolling boil, stirring regularly (they will burn if you don’t). I usually squish the first few with a potato masher to cover the bottom of the stock pot with liquid in order to get the boiling process started.

3 – Once you have all your tomatoes in the stock pot and boiling up a storm, ladle them into your food mill or fine strainer and grind out juice from the pulp into a bowl with a pouring spout. You can then pour the juice into a carafe or pitcher and allow to chill overnight.

Best Ever Bloody Mary

OVERALL, Bloody Mary’s and Caesars are personal. Adjust any ingredients to what you like best. The experimentation is fun! However, if all those steps seem daunting and far too much work we highly recommend Walters Craft Caesars mix. It tastes awesome and is free of all the artificial ingredients so common in other mixes. We have also tried it with Garlic Vodka from Wayward Distillery which is delicious -but if you aren’t feeling like overwhelming garlic try mixing with a ratio of 1:1 with your other favourite vodka.

Best Damn Bloody Mary

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